Nutrition & Dietetics


                    The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics started in the academic year 2005-06.  The Department has played a vital role in establishing Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics as an academic subject and encouraging students to learn about the food we eat, nutrients and their effect on our health. Food and Nutrition are important for human beings during health and disease. This course enables the students with a better understanding to find the science of nutrition approachable, understandable and useful in their lives. This programme is designed to provide practical learning with regard to dietetics and the food industry with the ultimate motive of preparing the students as a quality human resource in the vibrant and expanding sector of food, food safety and food security. Department also had MOU signed with various institutions and industries towards strengthening teaching and also for the practical exposure among the students. Every year the department organized various competitions, seminars, Guest lectures, workshops for students to explore their talents. One of the ultimate outcomes of this course for the students is to become Dietitians or Nutritionists in reputed hospitals, and the students gained this knowledge through their Dietetic Training Internships.
                   We have a good collection of books related to food and Nutrition, Food preservation, Bakery, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Food Processing, Women and Entrepreneurship, Food Toxicology and Dietetics. Students make the best use of the department library.
                     Apart from a three-year degree program, the department offers UGC Sponsored Diploma Course in Food & Nutrition started in the year 2007-08 and a Certificate course in Food Preparation & Preservation started in the year 2018-19 for other major students.