Digital Language Lab


         English, a legacy given to us by the British, functions as a window to the world. In today’s age of information and globalization, the need to improve our communication skills in English has become a mandatory affair. In the Digital Language Lab, there are 80 headsets with a computer and Audio recording system, table mikes, cordless mikes, an LCD projector, 30 cassettes and 41 CD’s on Spoken English (American English, Business English, European English and Effective communication) are available in the Digital Language Lab. It can accommodate 60 students at a time. Students attend classes on an hourly basis.

         The Digital Language Lab is utilized for Part -II spoken English classes for all disciplines, Language oriented major papers, Job oriented papers, a certificate course in Spoken English. To promote critical ability and aesthetic sense, English films are screened for literature students. Digital Language Lab helps to produce employable graduates.