2019 - 2020

Activity 2019 - 2020

On 11.07.2019, Mrs.Andrina Genesia Quinn, Assistant Professor of English, Mrs.Durgadevi, Assistant Professor of English and 6 Students attended the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations organized by the College of Gandhian Thought, Gandhi Museum, Madurai.

On 18.07.2019, Ilakkiya Sangam conducted a Gandhian Thought Examination for all the UG Students as a part of “Gandhi's 150th Birthday Anniversary” celebration. On 10.08.2019, Gandhi Museum organised Gandhian Thought Examination at intercollegiate level. In the first round 450 students of our college attended, of  which 4 Students from our college were selected for the second level of examination in that J.Kadambari Farzana of  II B.Sc.,(Zoology) obtained I Prize  and V.Manjari of I M.A.,(English) obtained III Prize and other students received participation Certificates.

The Gandhian Thought Examination was conducted in Gandhi Museum on 10.08.2019 in which 4 Students from our college participated and won prizes. J.Kadambari Farzana of  II B.Sc.,(Zoology) won I Prize, V.Manjari of I M.A.,(English) won III Prize and other  Participants received Participation Certificates.

Mrs.M.Muthuppandi, Assistant Professor of Political Science , Dr.(Mrs.) A.Bhavani, Assistant Professor  of History, G.Nagalakshmi Assistant Professor  of History, Dr.(Mrs.)N.Ashadevi, Assistant Professor of History, Dr.(Mrs.)R.Latha., Assistant Professor  of History, J.Amirthalakshmi., Assistant Professor of History, Mrs. V.C.Aathilakshmi, Assistant Professor  of History, Mrs. M.Jeya., Assistant Professor  of History, Dr.(Mrs.)G.Jothimani, Assistant Professor  of Tamil, Mrs.K.Sudhahari, Assistant Professor  of Tamil, Mrs.K.Durgadevi, Assistant Professor  of English, Dr.(Mrs.)M.Alagupriya, Assistant Professor  of Commerce, presented  papers in the “Professors Conference on Gandhian Thought” held at P.K.N Arts & Science College, Thirumangalam, Madurai on 08.08.2019.

On the eve of the celebration of “150th Gandhi Jayanti”, People’s Anti-Corruption Movement, Madurai conducted a Poetry and Essay competition for all college students of Madurai District on 20.08.2019. Nine students of our college have participated in the competition J.Kadambari Farzana of II B.Sc.(Zoology) obtained I Prize (Cash Award Rs. 500) for Poetry and Essay Competition.

On 01.10.2019, the College of Gandhian Thought celebrated ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. Our college received “Rolling Shield” for a greater number of participations in CGT & DGT for the Academic year 2018-2019. Our Gandhian Thought Coordinators received the shield from K.M.Nadarajan, Chairman,Tamilnadu Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Gandhi  Museum, Madurai.       

Madurai Kamaraj University conducted the Certificate and Diploma Course Examination in Gandhian Thought for the Academic year 2019-2020 from 05.03.2020 to 07.03.2020. 1109 students of first year, 3 Assistant Professors appeared for Certificate Course and 1015 students of second year and 5 Assistant Professors appeared for the Diploma Course Examination in Gandhian Thought.