NGO / Agencies

3.2.1 Details of grants received from Government and Non-governmental agencies for research projects, endowments, Chairs in the institution during the year (INR in lakhs), 3.2.2 Details of teachers having research projects during the year & 3.2.4 Details of Departments having research projects funded by Government and/or Non-government agencies during the year

Name of the teacher provided with the Research money Amount(Rs) Month and Year Link to the policy document for sanction of grants for research from the institution and link to the sanction letter

Dr.C.Ramya Assistant Professor of English

4000 18.08.2021 to 28.08.2021 /templateEditor/kcfinder/upload/files/Dr.C.Ramya.pdf

Dr.A.Bhuvaneswari Assistant Professor of Commerce

4000 18.08.2021 to 28.08.2021 /templateEditor/kcfinder/upload/files/Dr.A.Bhuvaneswari.pdf