2016 - 2017

Activity 2016 - 2017

International Yoga Day” was celebrated by the Gandhian Thought Troupe of our College on 26.06.2016. Students won many prizes in Essay Writing and Elocution Competitions.

Name of the Student Major Event Prize Won
M.Rajalakshmi III B.Sc Chemistry Elocution I
G.Alagurajathi II B.Sc C.S Elocution II
J.Suryalekha III B.A Tamil Elocution III
R.Yogeswari III B.A Tamil Essay Writing I
K.Mathumitha III B.Sc IT ‘A’ Essay Writing II
D.Lavanya III B.A Tamil Essay Writing III

On 21.06.2016, the crew of Gandhian Thought of our college and Fatima College jointly organized a “Rally”. About 350 students of our college participated in that rally and received certificates.

On 13.07.2016, the National Conference on “Gandhian Thought” was organized by Jesi Ashram at Kadavur, Madurai. Our staff members Dr.N.T.Sumathi and S.Thulasi, Assistant Professors of Tamil, participated in the conference.

On 18.08.2016, Gandhian Thought College of Madurai Kamaraj University, Department of Philosophy of Gandhi & Ramalinga and Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College jointly organized a “Conference of Professors in Gandhian Thoughts”. The staff members Mrs.G.Jothimani, Mrs.S.Thulasi and Dr.N.T Sumathi, Assistant Professors of Tamil, Dr.A.Bhavani and Mrs.G.Nagalakshmi, Assistant Professors of History, presented research papers.

On 01.10.2016, Gandhian Thought College of Madurai, celebrated the 147th Gandhi Jeyanthi at Gandhi Museum, Madurai. Our college got ‘Rolling Shield’ for a larger number of participations in DGT for the Academic year 2015-2016.

On the eve, celebration of “Gandhi Jayanti”, Madurai Kamaraj University conducted Elocution, Essay and Quiz competitions for all college students of Madurai District. Six of our students participated and A.Pavithra of III B.A (Tamil) got First Prize in Essay Competition.

G.Alagurajathi II B.Sc Computer Science
J.Suryalekha III B.A Tamil
A.Pavithra III B.A Tamil
P.Ilaikiya II M.Sc. Information Technology
R.Reega I B.A Tamil
V.Manjari I. B.A. English (SF)

On 19.10.16, “State Level Books Review Competition'' was organised by Vivakandha Kendram, Kanyakumari District. 100 students of our college participated and received certificates.

On 04.01.2017 and 05.01.2017, Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi and Tamilnadu, Sarvodaya Modal organized the workshop on Orientation Training of “Youth in Gandhian Philosophy of Service to the Nation” at Gandhi Museum, Madurai. G. Jothimani, Assistant Professor of Tamil and G.Nagalakshmi, Assistant Professor of History and 30 students of our college, participated and received certificates.

On 12.01.2017, “National Youth Day” was celebrated by Sri Ramakrishna Madam, Madurai. They have conducted “Swami Vivekananda Essay Competition” for all school and college students in Madurai District. 61 students from our college participated in this competition and received certificates. Our college received the special gift as a book entitled “tpNtfhe;jh; gw;wp ghujpahh;

On 03.02.2017, the College of Gandhian Thought, Madurai, conducted an “Awareness Programme on PG Diploma in Yoga” for PG students of our college. 

Madurai Kamaraj University conducted the Certificate and Diploma Course Examination in Gandhian Thought for the Academic Year 2016-2017 from 13.03.2017 to 15.03.2017. 1264 first year students, 5 Assistant Professors, appeared for the Certificate Course and 1145 second year students and 5 Assistant Professors, appeared for the Diploma Course Examination in Gandhian Thought.