2020 -2021

To keep stress at bay and to enable the students to tolerate the potential stress associated with life, E.M.G.Yadava Women's college organizes yoga sessions every morning which is mandatory for all the students and faculty members. It helps them to maintain harmony of body and spirit. It also increases attention span, improves memory and sharpens the focus of the students. It is also prolific for stress reduction, and emotional wellness.

Most college students have more difficulties during their academic paths. The biggest challenge to student success is time management, balancing priorities, health conditions, social problems, relationships, sleep difficulties and depression. In fact, yoga not only means exercise, but helps to increase awareness, expand, and improve intelligence and natural ability.

A piece of yoga practice every day will definitely make the student community gain more physical strength and get rid of all physical difficulties and diseases. Mental strength gained in yoga helps students to fight against inconsistencies with increasing self-confidence which looks more powerful. Yoga can empower in the following four ways like Physical Health Empowerment, Emotional Empowerment, Mental Health Empowerment and Spiritual Empowerment.

Internal Trainer

1. Dr. A. Kalarani Director of Physical Education

External Trainer

1. Mr.S. Jaffar External Trainer