Autonomous–Extension Committee


Autonomous –Extension Committee

Name Designation
Dr.(Mrs.)R.Poovazhaki Principal & Chairman

Director – SF Courses,

Head & Assistant Professor of Commerce

Mr.V.M Sundararajan Administrative Officer

Autonomous Extension Coordinator

Name Designation
Dr.(Mrs.)V.Vijaya Assistant Professor of Botany & IQAC Coordinator

Steering Committee

Name Designation
Mrs.C.Kamala Associate Professor of Chemistry & Controller of Examinations
Mrs.D.Selvamathi Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr.(Mrs.)C.Ramya Assistant Professor of English
Mrs.S.Muthulaxmi Assistant Professor of English, IQAC Coordinator
Mrs.J.Chinna Assistant Professor of MCA, Technical Assistant
Mrs.S.Sumathi Assistant Professor of IT, Technical Assistant

Advisory Committee

Name Designation
Dr.(Mrs.)G.Indira Rani Head, Associate Professor of Zoology & Dean of Academic Affairs
All the Heads of the Departments
Dr.(Mrs.)S.P.Sugapriya Assistant Professor of Economics, Finance Committee Member
Mrs.P.Muniammal Superintendent i/c