2018 - 2019

Activity 2018 - 2019

Mrs.M.Muthuppandi, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Dr.(Mrs.)A.Bhavani, Assistant Professor  of History, G.Nagalakshmi Assistant Professor of History, Dr.(Mrs.)N.Ashadevi Assistant Professor  of History, Dr. R.Latha, Assistant Professor  of History, J.Amirthalakshmi, Assistant Professor  of History, M.Jeya Assistant Professor  of History, Dr.(Mrs)G.Jothimani, Assistant Professor  of Tamil, Dr.R.Mala Assistant Professor  of Tamil, Mrs.AndrinaJeusis Quinn, Assistant Professor of English have presented a paper entitled 

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⮚    The Gandhian concept of Swaraj in education, 
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⮚    Gandhian Perfectness on the Welfare and Education of Women 

respectively in the Professor’s Conference on Gandhian Thought held at the College of Gandhian Thought, Madurai on 18.08.2018.

Gandhian Thought organized a seminar on “Gandhiji 150” on 18.09.2018. The Resource person Mr.R.Natarajan, Educational Officer, Gandhi Museum, Madurai. He gave a lecture about Ahimsa, Discipline and the Principles of Gandhi to provoke the thoughts of Gandhi. All the first-year students participated in this programme.

On 05.10.2018 Dr.M.Neelavathy, Assistant Professor of Commerce and 6 Students participated in the competition conducted on Gandhi Jayanti and Vallalar Jayanti, organized by the Department of Gandhian Studies and Ramalinga  Philosophy, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.

On 06.10.2018, our College was awarded with College of Gandhian Thought “Overall Shield” for enrolling the largest number of students in Certificate Course Examinations in Gandhian Thought. Our students received the University Level Prizes. C.Praveena of III B.A.,English(Regular)  got I Prize and G.Anandhi III B.A., English(Regular) won  II Prize in DGT  respectively and M.Karthiga of II B.Sc., Maths(Regular) won the II Prize in CGT.