Infrastructure and Learning Resources


  • Smart classrooms with interactive whiteboard software and with modern teaching electronic gadgets.
  • E.S.R Alamelu Ammal Memorial Audiovisual Hall with a seating capacity for 400, possessing audio system, Television, LCD Projector etc.,
  • Wi-Fi modems with internet bandwidth are provided to all departments.
  • Biometric Attendance system.
  • Hostel Kitchen and Dining Hall are furnished with Thermal power, CC TV, Napkin Incinerator, Solar panel.
  • Two Diesel generators (125 VK) have been installed.
  • Courts for Basketball, Volleyball, Throw ball, Hockey, Kho-kho, Kabadi, Tennis, Ball badminton, Tennicoit etc.,
  • A smartphone facility is available for Hostel Students.
  • The sprawling playground accommodates all the students for doing Mass Drill. Sufficient indoor games facility and exercise room.