The Emblem

The Emblem

The Emblem of our Institution bears the motto ‘Anbum, Arivum, Panbum Yadhavam; Magalir Arivu, Kudumba Uyarvu’.

The chief characteristic of Yadavam is Love, Wisdom and Culture, the basic principles expounded by Lord Krishna.

The lighting of the Lamp explains symbolically the enlightenment of women through education and Veena, the divine musical instrument of the Goddess Saraswathi denotes the endowment of various kinds of arts, essential for women.

Lotus, the divine flower of the Goddess in its blossom, signifies the blossom of wisdom.

The Open book and hands represent institutionalized formal education imparted not only for the personal necessity of the woman but also for the development of society in which she plays the dominant role.

Lord Krishna is the principal deity of the Yadava community. The depiction intends to seek His benefactions and patronage for the noble endeavour of Women’s Education.

The Tower connotes that the college stands for Tower of Knowledge and wisdom in the Temple-city, Madurai.