About Gandhian Thought Cell

Gandhian Thought Cell

The Certificate Course in Gandhian Thought was started in 1985. Examinations of the Certificate and Diploma Course in Gandhian Thoughts are conducted by Madurai Kamaraj University at our college premises every year. Till now students undertook the course to imbibe the virtues like Truth, Ahimsa, Discipline and the Principles of Gandhiji Enthusiastically. Our college takes pride in having outnumbered students more than other colleges in undertaking the examination. Since 2019, our college has been receiving the “Rolling Shield” for Gandhian Thought Examination from College of Gandhian Thought, Madurai. Physical Education Director Mrs.D.Jhansi Vanithamani the Coordinator of Gandhian Thought Examinations received “Mudhalvar KanagaSabapathy Award'' byTamilnad Gandhi NinaivuNidhi, College of Gandhian ThoughtOrganisation for her active participation in motivating the students to attend the exam. She rendered her service for all Gandhiji’s related programmes for the past 30 years. From 2013, Mrs.G.Nagalakshmi, Assistant Professor of History, became the coordinator of Gandhian Thought and rendering her service in Gandhiji’s related Programs such as seminars, quiz competitions and exams(CGT/DGT), etc.,


Coordinators/ Assistant Coordinators  & Members list

S.No. Name Designation Position
1. Mrs.G.Nagalakshmi Assistant Professor of  History Coordinator
2. Dr.(Mrs.)G.Jothimani Assistant Professor of  Tamil Coordinator
3. Dr. (Mrs.) R.Sripriya Assistant Professor of  Tamil Assistant Coordinator
4. Mrs.K.Durgadevi Assistant Professor of  English Assistant Coordinator
5. Mrs. K. Muniyadevi Assistant Professor of  Tamil Assistant Coordinator
6. Dr.(Mrs.)M.Neelavathy Assistant Professor of  Commerce Assistant Coordinator
7. Mrs.S.Dhurga Devi Assistant Professor of  Commerce Assistant Coordinator

The highlight of Gandhian Thought Cell

✔ Our college was awarded Tamilnadu Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Maharishi’s “Overall Rolling Shield” for enrolling the enormous number of students for Certificate and Diploma Course in Gandhian Thought for consecutive years.    

    1 2009-2010            CGT
    2 2010-2011            DGT
    3 2011-2012            DGT
    4 2012-2013            DGT
    5 2013-2014       CGT & DGT
    6 2014-2015       CGT & DGT
    7 2015-2016           DGT
    8 2016-2017           DGT
    9 2017-2018           CGT
   10 2018-2019      CGT & DGT
   11 2019-2020           DGT

✔ Number of students’ participation in both CGT & DGT Certificate and Diploma Course Examination in Gandhian Thought Year wise:

     CGT      DGT       YEAR
2010-2011       936      625
2011-2012      1112      784
2012-2013      1289      895
2013-2014      1344     1050
2014-2015      1371     1242
2015-2016      1255     1267
2016-2017      1269     1150
2017-2018      1165     1145
2018-2019      1168     1236
2019-2020      1112     1020
2020-2021       858      948

Seminar, Workshop, Conference & Symposium Organised

1 Politics and Gandhi Gandhian Thought Professor’s Conference 2011
2 Gandhiji 150 One Day Seminar 2018
3 Ahimsai Ashan 150 One Day Seminar 2019
4 Taking Gandhi Heritage to the Students Online Quiz Competition 2020


Book Published


✔ Dr.(Mrs.)A. Bhavani, Assistant Professor of  History has written a book titled மகாத்மாவும் மகாதேவ் தேசாயும், was published by Tamilnad Gandhi Smarak  Nidhi and Sarvodaya Ilakkiya Pannai on 06.07.2019.