Working Hours – 9.30 a.m to 5.00 p.m

The Library and Learning Resource Centre should support academic progress. The library is dedicated to supporting the student’s activities and programs of the institution. It accomplishes the college mission by maintaining an up-to-date collection of books, journals audio-visual items and other library materials related to study.

To the existing 42009 books, 95 books were added, 42014 volumes of books from the regular Account and 6250 books from the SF account were added. Totally 48354 books are available. The library subscribes to five leading daily newspapers, 120 journals and magazines, relating to different subjects. An open-access system of reference for easy accessibility is available for both UG & PG students. 546 audio and video cassettes and 714 back volumes of periodicals are available. The whole college community has the benefit of the open access system. The Library is decentralized - General Library and Thirteen Departmental Libraries.

  • Students should not carry any book or printed matter into the library only paper, pen or pencil may be taken in for reference work.
  • Students shall see whether a book is in good condition when borrowing it from the library. Any damage must be immediately reported to the librarian. Otherwise, the student who has taken the book will be held responsible.
  • Reference books and periodicals should not be removed from the library.
  • No student is allowed to keep a book for more than 15 days. A fine of Re.1/ per day will be levied if the book is returned after the specific period.
  • Books should be handled with care. Readers should not write, damage, or make any mark on any book, periodical or map belonging to the library