The Government is offering financial assistance under various schemes to eligible students. The students shall take care in filling up the application forms and following the procedures thereto.

         The financial assistance/support is denied when the applications are received belatedly or the particulars are given there are incomplete or incorrect.

          It is a prerequisite for those who receive financial support shall show constant progress in their studies. During their period of study, applications for financial support shall be sent every year.


         Stipend of Rs.400/- per annum is sanctioned to the students who study Tamil medium Subject to the condition that the entire amount of stipend shall be refunded in case the student discontinues the course.

National Merit Scholarships

         Merit Scholarship is sanctioned to those who have scored 60% of the marks and whose parent’s annual income does not exceed Rs.25, 000/-.

Merit Scholarship by TamilNadu Government

          Students who have passed SSLC, Matriculation I.C.S.E. securing I class are eligible for the scheme provided they do not get any financial assistance from the Government of India and when the parent’s annual income exceeds Rs.25,000/- per annum. Scholarship/Financial Assistance Sanctioned by the DCE Adhoc Merit Scholarship SC/ST students irrespective of the parent's income including Christian converts.

Other Scholarships

  • Scholarship sanctioned to the Adi Dravida students by the Department of Backward Classes.
  • Scholarship sanctioned by the Department of Most Backwards/Kallar Reclamation.
  • Scholarship to the Physically Handicapped children.
  • Scholarship to children of Ex. Service Men, Scholarship to Anglo-Indians.


  • 90% of attendance is required for the eligibility of these scholarships. 
  • The amount under scholarships can be adjusted against their  fees/dues in the college hostel.
  • The student should inform this to their parents and act accordingly. Minority scholarship is available to students whose annual income does not exceed Rs.12,000/-
  • Agriculture family labor scheme is available to students to the extent of Rs.2500/-p.a. for Hostilities and Rs.2250/- for day scholars.

Student Aid Fund

         The students who do not avail themselves of any Scholarship/fee concession from any agency may take advantage of this fund raised from the special fees. The financial assistance is given to those who are really in need, on the recommendations of the concerned Heads of the Departments.