Physical Education


             The Department of Physical Education has the unique distinction of having won several trophies and medals. It has enabled pupils to achieve greater acclaim both at the national and state level. There are excellent facilities available for indoor as well as outdoor games such as volleyball court, Basketball court, Kabaddi court, Football field, Ball Badminton court with constant coaching. The College provides free education for the players of the team in the subject of their choice. They are also given free boarding and lodging. Additional perks are also provided for the players. In accordance with this saying, EMGYWC trains the students to fight and compete with a spirit of sportsmanship. Students in EMGYWC are given ample opportunity to explore the champion within themselves and develop it further to fruition. Many of the students have tried their hand at Sports but some were highly successful achieving accolades and honours shining in the firmament of EMGYWC.